Can virtual receptionists help to bridge your business gaps?

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The pandemic forced many businesses to shift to remote working. Remote working has become the new norm of our lives. According to the Oberlo statistics, remote working grew by 91 % during this decade that we left behind.

How to bridge the business gap while working remotely? Can virtual receptionists and a business support team help you?

The pandemic forced many businesses to shift to remote working. Therefore, remote working has become the new norm of our lives. According to the Oberlo statistics, remote working grew by 91% during the last decade. An important contributor to that was the pandemic Covid19. Businesses have started considering bridging the business gap while working remotely. They are thinking of doing that through virtual receptionists or a business support team.  

Our terminology now includes phrases such as the “new normal,” the next normal,” and “the great reset.” Business leaders use these phrases to describe the world we are now living in. The main question concerning many business leaders is how to bridge the business gap while working remotely. One thing is for sure remote working is here to stay. Hence, they are thinking about innovating while keeping remote working as part of their working culture. Also, hiring a business support team and virtual receptionists is an ideal solution. 

How remote work is helping businesses?

Remote working made businesses realize that their teams can be more productive and flexible. In this way, they also would cut costs. The latest stats show many benefits that remote working offers. Let us list some below. 

More productivity and flexibility. According to Globalworkplace Analytics, American Express’s remote workers were 43 %  more productive than their office colleagues. 

It saves employers and businesses money. According to the latest stats, every business would save an average of $11,000 per year for every remote employee. The employee would save from $2-$7K a year.

Remote working can contribute to reducing climate change. If only half of the U.S workforce works remotely, the greenhouse reduction would be the equivalent of taking New York State permanently off the road.

Remote working is becoming the norm even during a post-pandemic world. There are three main things that companies should consider.

  • The best strategy for innovation while working remotely
  • Delivering outstanding customer service while working remotely
  • Expanding business opportunities while working remotely

Let us provide our opinions on these three main concerns. 

How to innovate while working remotely? Can a business support team help you? 

Remote working made businesses realize that outsourcing is a real possibility nowadays. Hiring a business support team or virtual receptionists can help you find time for innovation. Innovation requires two main components: brainstorming and time. There are five leading practices to approach in an excellent way to brainstorming. These can be simple norms that your company can follow:

  • Embrace structure and identify why you are doing the brainstorming session. 
  • Attract a diversity of perspectives.
  • Establish an action plan.
  • Encourage visual collaboration.
  • Create a culture of trust.

To use brainstorming as an effective means for innovation, you should have time for it. In fact, that is the exact moment when outsourcing comes into hand. And it may seem like a cost, but it is an investment. It gives you time to focus on one task: innovating your business amidst a pandemic. 

A business support team can help you include these principles in your plan. Through the team, organize your company better. Virtual receptionists can answer your calls with professionalism. Besides, they can also help your customers feel connected with your business. 

So, how to deliver outstanding customer service while working remotely? Virtual receptionists or a business support team are the answer. 

Customer service has become a significant criterion for defining a business nowadays. Every business should have quick and excellent customer service. And that’s especially true in a digital world because the consumers of 2021 are savvy. Many companies are reimagining the customer journey. And they are focusing on improving customer service during this year. The latest stats show that customer service affects purchase decisions and brand loyalty.

Virtual receptionists or a business support team will deliver outstanding customer service. The statistics from many studies support our approach. These days 76% of people prefer contacting customer service over the phone. Also, 75% of customers prefer human interaction compared to automated interaction. A virtual assistant or a business support team can handle your calls and live chats. They can organize your team while being creative, personal, and friendly. 

Customer service is crucial nowadays because people tend to share their negative experiences. One of the most frustrating things for clients is the automated telephone systems. 68% of customers would pay more for a company’s products and services with exceptional customer service. 

Can a virtual receptionist help you expand business opportunities while working remotely? 

The answer is simple: YES. Let us explain the reason why and how because that is more important. The many benefits and flexibilities of virtual receptionist services add to your business more opportunities. Let us list below the big ones:

You will maximize your opportunities to connect with every customer and prospect. We think and believe that missed calls translate into missed opportunities. Virtual receptionists can answer most—if not all—calls that come into your business. That allows you to catch every opportunity that knocks on your door. 

You will discover more about your audience and clients. Virtual receptionists can collect valuable call data and critical details about your customers. These data can include names, contact information, reasons for reaching out, and the best times to follow up. It can also sentiments about the business, what they like and dislike about the product. A business support team can reference these insights to the marketing team. After that, the marketing team can reveal gaps in customer experience. They can also expand service offerings, expanding your business based on data-driven decisions. 

A simple conclusion. The crucial role of a business support team and virtual receptionists for the future

A business support team and virtual receptionist are undisputable teams. They can help a business grow. They can also help it to innovate naturally. These are vital positions for a company that wants to cope with the digital world’s fast rhythm. Nowadays, the consumer is always expecting more than only the product from companies. A human approach is necessary for coping with consumer needs and requirements.

Jerry Fritz describes the market landscape nowadays in the best way possible. He says:

“You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be too easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture cannot be copied”.

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