Virtual assistants: Can they help your business grow?

Virtual assistants can handle angy customers
Overpromising and under-delivering are some of the most common mistakes of young entrepreneurs. We will explain how virtual assistants and a business support team can help you.

Businesses that over promise and under deliver. Do they lack virtual assistants and a business support team?

The famous motto act now, apologize later, is wrong when it comes to business. Many businesses and entrepreneurs fall into the classic trap of overpromising and under-delivering. Overpromising and under-delivering are some of the most common mistakes of young entrepreneurs. At the heart of what makes entrepreneurs great is the ability to dream big and form a vision of what could be. Still, when you cannot deliver on your promises and ideas, your reputation will suffer. And that is harmful to you and critical for business. What should you know before promising the moon? You must be aware of four dangerous outcomes when you under-deliver. In this article, we will describe these four potential risks for your reputation. We will explain how virtual assistants and a business support team can help you. 

Depleted Credibility. A business support team and virtual assistants can help you to keep your promises. 

Keeping your promises should be the first imperative when starting a business. It can take some years to build up your credibility. Unfortunately, only one or two unhappy clients can make everything come tumbling down. Be upfront about if you cannot do something with a specific time frame, even if that means losing a client. When you are honest and tell a client that his deadline is not workable, honesty will bode nicely for you. It will show your customers that you commit to quality work. Also, you know how long it takes to achieve their project. If you do not know if your team can meet the deadline, a good solution is to contact a business support team. 

virtual assistants
Virtual assistants help business deliver the best customer service

A business support team can check up on employees or bookings in your diary. Also, it will improve your testimonials by conducting surveys. That’s not all. A business support team will keep on top of your customer service inbox. They will efficiently deal with routine correspondence. Also, they will handle time-consuming tasks, and that will help you save time. In this way, your employees will solve the client’s problems fast and meet their deadlines. In that way, it is sure that you will grow credibility among customers. 

Negative Reviews.

The world is going digital with a rapid rhythm due to technology innovations. Making a misstep and letting your customers down means creating a bad precedent. The reason for that is simple. The consumers will share their complaints on social media or review sites. A negative review can create doubts. In addition, it will prevent potential clients and partners from collaborating with you. The best way to not get a negative review is to do everything you can to avoid it. The most reliable way to prevent it is through dedicated customer service. Virtual assistants can do that task in the best way possible for your company. They can be creative, personal, friendly while keeping your goal. They will turn a potential negative review into an honest excellent review. 

Unhappy customers and bad PR.

Overpromising and under-delivering mean unhappy customers and bad PR. The classic formula “Any publicity is good publicity” is not valid anymore. Abandoning that mentality is the first step to create a successful business. The latest studies show that customer service is the main reason for unhappy clients. Clients want you to listen to their voice about their problems. And not doing that while overpromising leads to frustrated clients. Virtual assistants can help you get a hold of the customer immediately. They will explain the why’s and give the updated fulfilment when you are late with a project. Informing a client about delays means professionalism. That’s even better than trying to meet the deadlines and failing. 

A juicy story about your company can spread like wildfire, so it is crucial to prevent bad PR. You should find the time and focus on an efficient business model. These model must deliver the best results. Also, it should have employees’ well-being as a primary focus. 

Are you questioning how to prevent bad PR? Collaborating with a business support team is the answer. They can help you to create an action plan and handle the unexpected if it ever happens. Also, they can help to conduct surveys and help you reimagine customer service. And that would be of much help for your business.

Loss of Business. Virtual assistants help you not to hand over your customers to your competitors.

You could hand over your customers to your competitors without even knowing it. And that’s due to lack of judgment, poor planning, and your failure to meet promises. If your bad reputation exceeds your work quality, the result is clear. No one would prefer to do business with you. 

Virtual assistants and a business support team can improve your reputation above-average. They can achieve efficient delivery and rock-solid trust. At the same time, you can focus on core business processes. The business world is very competitive. You can’t afford to lose time with time-consuming tasks. 

Overpromising and under-delivering do not just affect small businesses. It can also damage leading organizations’ reputations.

It is better to be realistic with your deadlines. It’s best to under-promise and over-deliver each time. Being sincere will strengthen your relationship with your clients. 

What should businesses do?

By strengthening your relationship, you also build trust among your customers. The primary tasks for every business this year are: 

  • reimagining your customer journey, 
  • fulfilling the client’s expectations. 

The reason for that is simple. Customers are spending more time online and comparing services and products. 

Building trust means having a business model that meets your client’s expectations. They should be at the core of your business model’s operations. You can think about it this way:

When my clients compare my products with the competition, will they choose me? 

The best way to achieve efficient delivery is to know your industry and your team well. What if you know these two elements and still cannot deliver in time? In this case, you should consider hiring a virtual assistant or a business support team. They can help you achieve that. These teams exist to help you save time and grow while applying a customer-first approach. 

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