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The challenges businesses face are unique. Buyer journeys are becoming increasingly complex and demanding. To answer this challenge requires extra creativity and a deep understanding of the digital marketing channels. It isn’t easy to do all of this alone and we can help.  From SEO and social media, to web design and hosting, Incus is the team you need who have that personal touch.

call handling

Of course, Incus are price competitive and available when you need us, but the little gem that Incus offers is the way we handle your clients.  Our Virtual Assistants hold on to what you want the ideal outcome to be for each interaction, and strive to achieve that.  This allows the Incus agent to be creative, personal, friendly, whilst keeping your objective key.  By holding on to your objective you get the best value out of our call handling service.

Business Support

There is a lot behind the scenes that is needed to make it run like a well-oiled machine, as well as make it grow. 

How do you keep everything up to date, be ahead of market trends, produce ad-hoc reports, presentations or those one-off designs…Incus is how. 

Supporting your business is what Incus does, you tell us how you want that support, we will make it happen.


Ok so we are not strictly speaking magicians, but the difference we can make to your business is up there.  Our offerings are not limited to what you see on these pages, we have successfully executed:

  • Charitable gigs
  • Concept redesigns (getting our  hands dirty too)
  • Launch events
  • Sourcing products and materials
  • Producing restaurant blackboard designs
  • And so much more…

Your business, is our business

How do we help businesses like yours?

Every plumber, electrician, mason, security engineer, needs to be solving issues for their clients.  While you are doing that, Incus will book jobs in your system, raise invoices, update your team whilst in the field,  seek feedback from your clients and chase outstanding bills as required.  How much time does that give back to your business?

We are fully aware of the behind the scenes work involved in making sure teaching professionals and trainers, can do what they do best.  While you are in front of your class, Incus will support your wider organisation, take enquiries from new potential trainees using your knowledge base to filter correctly, assist with campaigns so your classes are at full capacity. 

Every month, there is a form to file, every month Incus will follow up with your clients to make sure they file with you on time, every time.  We can take your diary for last year, and follow up for clients this year to assist with on time submissions and not allow anyone to slip through the tax net.

Whether you need a simple triage/switchboard service to connect on call medics to remote workers, or you have team of bank staff to assign, Incus recognise the need for speed of service, confidentiality and accuracy.  We can SMS, WhatsApp, telephone your patients, medics, nurses until we have delivered your message and service, fully!

The Incus team is upbeat and friendly, we do not sound like robots.  We sound like that plus one you need at your party, wedding, corporate event, restaurant opening.  Try us, you will see

Ultimate professionalism, is what you will get every time, with every call, with every appointment Incus books on your behalf.

From qualifying new potential tenants for rental properties, building confidence in landlords, working with maintenance teams, creating high quality seller packages in terms of drone or videography work, Incus is here to support you.


If you need support, Incus can and will do it! 

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Case Study

Save and grow

Find out how one of our clients, went from 40 hours of inhouse support, to 140 hours of Incus Business Support per week and still saved 20% !