Take your digital marketing to new heights with drone videos

The world of digital marketing can be complicated and difficult to navigate at times, especially when it comes to determining where your efforts are the most effective.  However, one strategy that can provide excellent results is using aerial drone videos in your marketing campaign, whether with consumer-focused content or business-oriented material.

Drones can be used to record a wide variety of video footage, including aerial shots of big cities or small towns; they can also be used to take photos or shoot videos from high above the ground.  They’re also extremely versatile, allowing you to capture footage from any angle you want. Learn how to take your digital marketing to new heights with drone videos here.

The use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) has been rapidly growing over recent years. Its usage has been wide even among digital marketers, and for a good reason.  Not only does aerial photography provide unique and interesting angles, but it can also produce amazing results.  Perfect for taking great shots of landscapes, real estate, or any other type of architecture you want to highlight, UAVs can bring a new perspective and take viewers on a journey without even stepping foot outside. 

Using drones is also much safer than shooting from the ground and produces results that are less likely to capture passerby’s attention. However, not all drones will be able to take high-quality photos while flying, so do your research beforehand before making a purchase.

What industry can benefit from drone marketing?

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from investing in drone videos. 

Landscapers, roofers, home builders, real estate professionals, restaurants, hotels, and much more.

Service-based businesses, such as event planners and landscape designers, can use them as a way to share behind-the-scenes footage of their operations.  In addition, companies whose brands involve nature or which are environmentally conscious can use drones as part of their marketing campaigns and promotions. Even large firms like Coca-Cola have used drones in their commercials. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Benefits of using drone videos for marketing and advertising

1. Drone marketing helps you showcase your tech-savviness

Advertising a product or service is something everyone’s done at one point or another. Getting people interested in what you have to offer has always been a challenge, but drones are changing that. 

You don’t need flashy billboards, colorful brochures, or anything else when you can make promotional videos from a brand-new angle.  With drones, consumers will notice how cutting-edge and digitally savvy you are as a business and be inclined to do business with you.  As far as marketing goes, making an investment in technology will always reap the rewards.

2. Aerial images are more eye-catching

Images are a huge part of advertising, but some types of images are more eye-catching than others. 

Studies have shown that aerial shots can be just as effective at getting consumers’ attention as visuals on billboards and other forms of print media.  Moreover, recent research indicates that 49% of marketers rate visual marketing as Very Important to their marketing strategy, 22% consider it Important, and 19% believe that their strategy is nothing without any graphic content. 

You can also get really imaginative with them, like creating slow-motion sequences using time-lapse photography (making it look like the action is happening in real-time).

3. Aerial footage can be really fun to watch

It’s modern, it’s trendy, and most importantly – it’s effective.  You can capture ground-level shots that will blow your viewers away, or you can shoot right into sunsets or landscapes with a unique view.  Drones are an awesome alternative if you want a fun way to market your business without spending big bucks. 

When you want people to notice your business, consider adding a drone video to your next marketing campaign.  There’s nothing like a bird’s-eye view of the world—especially when you want your customers to take notice!

4. Drone footage makes for creative storytelling 

Drones can be useful in video or photo production in a few different ways. One of the most interesting is their ability to create exciting, immersive footage that can offer viewers a perspective they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. 

If you’re creating ads for cars or real estate, drone shots could really help you stand out by giving viewers an insider view of locations they might not have access to (or want).  All in all, there are tons of benefits to incorporating drone videos into your video projects, so it’s worth considering whether or not it makes sense for yours!

5. Great for different industries

As mentioned, drones can make for great visuals in any industry.  In real estate, for example, you can use a drone to fly over properties you’re trying to sell and take footage from different angles. 

You could also use one to take footage of cars as they pull up into a dealership and then go on a test drive.  And there are plenty of other ways that small businesses can benefit from using drones: wedding videography, event coverage, etc.


Drone footage has grown in popularity over recent years as it offers a unique and often more engaging view of places and scenes. 

If you’re looking for a way to promote your product or business, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include a little drone-based footage in your next video campaign.  Using a small remote-controlled quadcopter to shoot aerial footage will put a whole new spin on your video campaigns. 

Plus, who doesn’t want their next production to look like something out of an action movie?

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