Top UK companies offering call answering services in 2021

Imagine if you were always available for your customers and prospects. That’s what you get with call answering services. Well, actually, it’s more than just answering phone calls, but we’ll get to that in a minute. In the modern business world, it is essential to have an efficient call answering service. For different-sized companies, answering customer calls can be tough—especially if the business needs to grow quickly and doesn’t have the resources (time, money, people, you name it) to hire much staff right away. You can no longer afford to waste time as the competition gets more intense every day. Luckily, plenty of companies offer call answering services in the UK, where employees will answer your customers’ calls and take down their information or issue them an invoice. Here are the top five providers offering this service in 2021

But first, what makes a good call centre?

It can be difficult for businesses to know what makes a good call centre. Obviously, one key ingredient is clear communication – phone calls can go wrong quickly if there’s no consistency across your business; we’re talking procedures and processes here! Another factor is technology – reliable systems and well-designed contact centres make it much easier for employees to quickly help customers out with queries or issues. When it comes to finding a business that provides call answering services, there are plenty of options available; however, only certain ones will actually provide good quality service at affordable prices.

Benefits of outsourcing the call answering service

Businesses can save a significant amount of money by using a call centre for several reasons. Firstly, no matter what industry you’re in, customers prefer talking to humans – not machines. That’s because people want to be understood and shown empathy. Call centres are staffed with real people who have been trained on how to interact with customers as well as all of your organisation’s products and processes. Second, outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business instead of spending time worrying about hiring staff or running call centres. Thirdly, customer loyalty is increased when they interact with someone local who cares about their needs and understands their preferences and troubleshooting requirements.

Top companies in the UK

Call centres have been a staple of business for years. Previously, they were only used by big brands and organisations, but nowadays, every company with a website needs its own call centre. In fact, even if you don’t get calls from clients or customers directly through your site, there is a high chance your customer service department uses a call centre to respond to client queries. So, here are the top companies you came here to read about. 


AlldayPA provides you with a team of people ready to take your calls, book appointments, handle correspondence and more. These virtual assistants are local to you, so speak with genuine UK accents. The team at AlldayPA are trained professionals, and their minimum contract size is £800 with an average rate of 99p per call. This outsourced call centre has its location in Salford.

PA Pro

PA Pro is a leading provider of call centre and contact centre outsourcing services. Founded six years ago, not only does it handle simple client service questions, but it also provides smart solutions for sophisticated business requirements. Offering call centres UK as well as world-class support, PA Pro can integrate customer service with your core processes or just take over your entire customer care function on a fixed-price contract basis. The average rate is £1 per call, and it offers a two week free trial for its users.


With offices all over England and Scotland, these guys have an extensive network of trained professionals who can handle just about any enquiry you might get on your business line. And AnswerPoint is part of Teleperformance—one of Europe’s largest call-centre networks, so they know what they’re doing. After all, there are few things worse than having no one answer your customers’ questions—your brand will be instantly damaged. AnswerPoint doesn’t have a minimum contract size; however, they offer quarterly, six-monthly or yearly packages with a rate of £1.25 per call

MoneyPenny PA

For years, MoneyPenny has been one of Britain’s top call-answering companies with headquarters in Wrexham. They’re known for their swift responses, friendly customer service representatives and serving businesses of different industries. However, it doesn’t have a disclosed hourly rate, and you have to apply to get a quote and a free trial for seven days.


This prestigious accolade is a reflection of our commitment to providing first-class customer service and support our customers and clients. Located in Spain and London (and with agents globally), we combine all aspects of customer care to ensure complete satisfaction. Working with many household names, our team specialises in working across multiple industries. The basic package includes a live receptionist 24/7/365, calls, emails and messages, as well as personalised greetings. You can ask for a free trial for fourteen days.

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